AIM fait partie de l’histoire de l’aérospatiale/IAM Part of Aerospace History

Up, Up and AwayUp,Up and Away, Machinists Carve Part in Aerospace History, Looking to propel into future.

Buddy Boylan stands in the parking lot in front of his workplace at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral and sees opportunity with a recent uptick in activity.

“After the space shuttle program ended, it slowed down here quite a bit,” said Boylan, an IAM Local 2061 member who handles fuel and other propellants for space crafts. “But now it’s getting on a faster pace — things are really picking up.”

Just across the massive roadway that includes the rocklined “crawlerway” lanes to transport monstrous space crafts to a nearby launch pad, Local 2061 member Bob Ruckdeschel makes a similar observation. Read full article here.
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